The Last Beekeeper

Two best friends, one great journey,

the adventure of a lifetime. Their

quest, to find The Last Beekeeper, and

save the world.

They learn so much along the way.

With the end in sight the outcome

remains in the balance.

It falls to you to make the difference, to determine what happens next…

The Author And The Story Behind The Last Beekeeper

John Whelan aka Johnny Renko (his hippy handle!!) is an Irish journalist, media commentator and blogger. He’s the author of two other titles, The Buddha of Ballyhuppahaun and, Growing Pains, Growing Up

Autumn Skye Artist
Autumn Skye Artist

The Cover Image

Everyone is asking about the stunning and beautiful book cover for The Last Beekeeper.

Understandably so. It’s a work of art.

The cover art is a powerful and poignant work by Autumn Skye Morrison from British Columbia, Canada.

Titled ‘Resilience’ it was painted in 2017 and The Last Beekeeper author, Johnny Renko says that for him there could be no other cover for his book.

‘Resilience’ by Autumn Skye is a stand out and exceptional piece of art. I connect with it every day to remind me of our responsibility to nature and the earth, the landscape and the habitats we have been so fortunate to inherit and share.

Hopefully this is one case where you can judge the book by the cover as it captivates the reader at the outset of this story’s journey and captures the essence of The Last Beekeeper.

I believe the potency and poignancy of  ‘Resilience’ is further enhanced and amplified by the subtle and understated book cover design of graphic artist Gavin Cowley.

The quality finish and industry leading printing and production standards are by Martin Connoly and his team at Print Central.

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