The Last BeeKeeper


The Last Beekeeper is written to be read aloud in an inter-generational experience; a book for those young at heart, children of all ages. Explore. Engage. Enjoy the journey,

Chapter One Excerpt

The pair were perched precariously on top of the cock of hay.

It was their crow’s nest to the world. From here they earwigged on the grown-ups miles down on the ground below.

One false move, sneeze, laugh or cough and they would be rumbled, or worse again tumble from up in the clouds to the earth below. With a finger pressed against pursed lips and a wide-eyed stare was the warning to stay still, not a stir or they could be in trouble, big trouble.

This was serious stuff.

Grandpa didn’t say a word. Just kept nodding. Nodding. Up and down, side to side. In agreement. In disappointment. In disbelief. He was talking to Murphy, the undertaker.

When the adults had departed and sufficient time had passed for them to be gone a safe distance out of sight, the two held hands and slid down the side of the haystack. Back down to earth.

“So, what were they saying”?

“We’re in big trouble, that’s what.”

Author John Whelan

©Kevin Byrne Photography John Whelan Jourmalist/Author Laois

John Whelan aka Johnny Renko (his hippy handle!!) is an Irish journalist, media commentator and blogger. He’s the author of two other titles, The Buddha of Ballyhuppahaun and, Growing Pains, Growing Up